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Why do some thermos cups have a poor insulation effect
Unknowingly, it has entered the cold winter again. Drinking more hot and warm water can warm the body and mind. The natural thermos cup has been sought after and loved by most health-preserving people, but some users respond that the thermos cup suddenly fails when it is used. Is it insulated? What are the reasons for the poor insulation effect? Next, let Xiaobian introduce it to you.
Poor sealing
If the water in the thermos cup is not hot, it is most likely that the sealing is not good. After receiving the water with the thermos cup, check whether the cap is out or if there is a gap in other places. If the lid is not tight, it will also cause the thermos cup. The water is not hot soon.
Leaking cup
There may be a problem with the material of the cup, and some vacuum cups have defects in the process. Pinhole-sized holes may appear in the inner container, which accelerates the heat transfer between the two walls of the cup, and therefore the heat is quickly lost.
The insulation cup is filled with sand
Some merchants will put some sand in the interlayer of the vacuum flask in order to make it shoddy. Such vacuum flasks are very thermally insulated when they are bought. After a long time, the sand will rub against the inner tank, which will easily cause the vacuum flask to rust. Very bad.
Not a thermos cup
Some "insulation cups" approached to hear that there was no humming sound like a bee. Put the thermos cup on your ears, and there was no humming sound inside the thermos cup, which meant that the cup was not a thermos cup at all. The cup will definitely not keep warm.
The reasons for the poor heat preservation effect of the vacuum flask can be summarized as these four points. In fact, the vacuum flask cannot be repaired if it is not insulated, but everyone can use it as an ordinary water cup. This can be a low-carbon life. Way, if you want to buy a vacuum flask, you can contact us.